Zoombots.com is a nationwide innovative merchant-staffer-owned platform cooperative based in High Point, NC. We are dedicated to strengthening the environmental, economic, and social well-being of our community by promoting wholesome products, democratic participation, and responsible practices. Our mission is to make the marketplace channel more equitable for users and to operate transparently & ethically.

Our Charter

1. Zoombots will be a steward and advocate for user interests.

We will make decisions and articulate goals based on their positive impact on merchants and workers.

2. Zoombots will democratize ownership.

We will be an inclusive and equitable organization owned exclusively by our merchants and workers.

3. Zoombots will default to transparency.

We will be an open organization and honestly share our vision, decisions, challenges, and failures.

4. Zoombots will be accountable to its members.

We will incorporate merchant participation and control at the highest levels of corporate governance and decision making.

5. Zoombots will be a sustainable vehicle for merchant prosperity.

We will seek to deliver long-term value to merchants, and not objectify them as vehicles for acquisition.

6. Zoombots will provide a modern buying solution for federal, state, and local governments to increase transparency on agency spending.

7. Zoombots will operate in accordance with its moral values.

We will use fair and transparent terms of use and privacy policies and will never sell data to any 3rd party. As the new cooperative platform for the fair promotion of domestic merchants, Zoombots will never compete, data mine copy intellectual property, or otherwise compromise a listing. 

The Zoombots™ code of business:

  • We have no set-up fees, no hidden fees, no unreasonable terms, conditions, or political corectness
  • We do not have "tiered" pricing, unlimited products apply to all plans
  • We do not allow "business" operated out of a home or bar (often involves fraudulent or stolen goods)
  • We do not data mine your sales or customer information
  • We do not make ideological threats or policies, which means no "Big Brother" monitoring
  • We do not accept Chinese sellers (creates an unrealistic, non-ethical arena)
  • We do not have a "sell this item also" option, no multiple sellers of same product
  • We will not withhold your money for weeks on-end, funds transfer will occur daily
  • We will not steal or copy your product to produce a competitive version, we do not compete