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The reason we started Nature's Balance health supplements for animals was because of our Gracie, our black lab-shepherd mix. Gracie was our eager companion during morning ranch chores, trail rides, country walks, and drives into town. But after joints started giving her trouble she started slowing down. She went through surgery to replace both her ACLs, but we could tell that walking was still painful. We started our search to find a supplement that would help support joint function and reduce her pain. As a family, we were determined to do what we could to extend Gracie's health. As small-scale ranchers with nearly 20 years of professional experience with animal supplements (and a degree in biology, focusing on the study of herbs), we knew we needed to use a scientific approach. We discovered several products on the market that claimed to work, but they either didn't help relieve her pain, the dosage was difficult to control, or they just cost too much. We found nothing that was a true natural solution for our beloved Gracie. So we dug in to research-what would make the ideal joint health supplement for dogs? We decided it should include natural ingredients, support a balanced diet, be affordable, help reduce Gracie's joint pain, and-above all-deliver a reliable proportion of each ingredient. That research became Nature's Balance joint health supplement for dogs. Gracie loves the peanut butter taste and can't get enough of the rich beef. We love that she's getting joint support, natural anti-inflammatories, and needed protein. It's important to us that you know that we don't add fillers, flow agents, or unnatural flavors-after all, it has to be good enough for our won four-legged family member! Gracie lived until she was 17 years old. Her stiffness and signs of pain went away as long as we kept her on the Joint Support. She was a playful puppy up until the day she passed away. We were grateful for the happy years our product gave her and are proud to offer Nature's Balance for your own dogs. We've packaged it to last two years. Each daily dose is prepackaged to ensure your dog gets just the right proportions of each ingredient.
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