Merchant Rules & Regulations Merchant Rules & Regulations

By applying to join the merchant membership, each vendor agrees to abide by all General Rules, Regulations, Terms, and Conditions of the website and of the membership. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to membership disqualification and/or removal of listings and/or selling privileges.

By applying for membership and along with listing products online with, merchants agree to:

  • List products with correct and proper high-resolution pictures, full descriptions, and country of manufacture
  • Own the rights or have authorization to sell the represented items in your catalog
  • No duplication of listings, copies, or selling identical items that are already listed by yourself or by someone else (no "Sell this item also" option allowed)
  • No foreign sellers to preserve the integrity of (foreign-based companies may be accepted with US-based bank account or office)
  • Agree to adopt the Zoombots™ Lifetime Service Policy for all non-consumables

Members also agree to allow their names and photographs of their products to be used for social media, publicity, or other purposes at the discretion of and/or staff.

Merchants are required to upload, manage, and maintain their own listings representing their merchandise. Each merchant, by applying for membership, confirms that they will own all rights to all photographs, images, and listing information used or to be used and hold harmless and its staff, employees, and membership.

No flammable/explosive materials such as gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, other oils, hazardous, controlled, toxic, or illegal materials or merchandise will be allowed to be listed. reserves the right to decline and prohibit any merchandise which in its opinion is not proper, moral, or in accord with the purpose of the marketplace.

Insurance, Cancellation, Security

As a condition precedent to the right to list products, the merchant shall have sufficient general business liability insurance, along with product liability coverage with aggregate policy limits of no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. A certificate of insurance must be provided.

Liability, Indemnification

  1. shall not be responsible for any losses, damage, or injury that may occur to customers or users of merchant's products or employees or property from any cause whatsoever, prior to, during, or after the period of listing.
  2. Exhibitor hereby agrees to indemnify, save, and hold harmless, its officers, trustees, employees, and volunteers from and against any and all costs, expenses (including but not limited to, all reasonable legal fees and costs), losses, fees, liabilities, damages, law suits, and/or deficiencies, whether threatened or actual, resulting from, or arising out of, any and all actions or activities, including negligence, of a vendor, any of his employees, agents, invitees, licensees, and/or assigns.
  3. shall not be liable for any cost, expense, loss, or damages due to or related to personal injury; loss of, damage to, or distribution of exhibitor's property; or failure to provide space for the exhibit, removal of same, or to hold events as scheduled.
  4. All other points not specifically covered herein, and by the information enclosed, will be subject to decision by the, which shall be final.

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