James North America LLC
James Cleaner is a family business that started as the quasi Underwriters Laboratory for carpet and rugs in Europe. They have self-designed a machine that will test rug and carpet durability against all known cleaning methods (ie: suction, beater brush, steam, rotating brush, etc.) and provide a cleaning recommendation. Based on that experience, the family went on to develop their own cleaning products. Today, James is really 2 businesses. The still work on durability testing, but they have built a very good cleaning product business. Their products are considered: The most widely recommended cleaning product among European rug and carpet manufacturers. Now available in the US and Canada, James is offering its full line of Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery cleaning products that start with the James Starterset: Perfect for any home or small business. It is a convenient kit that has starter sizes of all three products, plus includes a cleaning cloth and our “stain wheel” is printed right on the package. The Stain Wheel has all our expertise on how to remove various stains right there in easy to use instructions. One side of the package has solutions for “fresh” stains, the other for “set” stains. In addition to the starter kit, we also offer larger refills of all three products found in the Starter Kit. James Cleaner is an eco-friendly product that primarily uses organic ingredients to create a way of ridding your carpets and rugs of close to 2,000 stains. This is not a one-size fits all approach. Each stain they claim to remove, they have actually tested, and have instructions on how to get out that specific stain.
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