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Hip In The Rain LLC
Happy Rainy Days is a popular European brand of luxury rainwear. Created by 2 women in The Netherlands (where it always rains) fed up with drab looking plastic rain ponchos. They created this stylish yet practical brand, fun colors and designs made out of waterproof fabric that is still breathable (no sweating here). Lots of details like an extra inner wrist elastic in the jackets, zippered pockets, removable hoods. Spring and fall collections twice a year, we also feature winter coats and parkas.
James North America LLC
James Cleaner is a family business that started as the quasi Underwriters Laboratory for carpet and rugs in Europe. They have self-designed a machine that will test rug and carpet durability against all known cleaning methods (ie: suction, beater brush, steam, rotating brush, etc.) and provide a cleaning recommendation. Based on that experience, the family went on to develop their own cleaning products. Today, James is really 2 businesses. The still work on durability testing, but they have built a very good cleaning product business. Their products are considered: The most widely recommended cleaning product among European rug and carpet manufacturers. Now available in the US and Canada, James is offering its full line of Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery cleaning products that start with the James Starterset: Perfect for any home or small business. It is a convenient kit that has starter sizes of all three products, plus includes a cleaning cloth and our “stain wheel” is printed right on the... More
Nature's Balance LLC
The reason we started Nature's Balance health supplements for animals was because of our Gracie, our black lab-shepherd mix. Gracie was our eager companion during morning ranch chores, trail rides, country walks, and drives into town. But after joints started giving her trouble she started slowing down. She went through surgery to replace both her ACLs, but we could tell that walking was still painful. We started our search to find a supplement that would help support joint function and reduce her pain. As a family, we were determined to do what we could to extend Gracie's health. As small-scale ranchers with nearly 20 years of professional experience with animal supplements (and a degree in biology, focusing on the study of herbs), we knew we needed to use a scientific approach. We discovered several products on the market that claimed to work, but they either didn't help relieve her pain, the dosage was difficult to control, or they just cost too much. We found nothing that was a true natural... More
Wallace Flynn Collective
From hand crafted musical instruments and global items that benefit third and emerging world collectives, holistic and healing proprietary supplements, everyday solutions to household problems, and a curated offering of glamorously funky furniture and art, we here at Wallace Flynn Collective™ have constructed a rich palette of carefully gleaned products.
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