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Have you already seen a Leg Daddy furniture leg you love but aren't sure what size hanger bolt your sofa or furniture takes? Search for "TruFitLeg" and see if we have your leg in that offering.  Our TruFitLegs are truly a universal hanger bolt furniture leg. As long as your current leg is attached and screwed in with a hanger bolt, a TruFitLeg will work. This test kit allows you to determine the size of your hanger bolt but why wait for shipping on 2 orders when you can order a TruFitLeg and get your new sofa legs right away.
Hands-On Testing

  Sometimes, there is just no substitute for hands-on examination and testing of a product before the purchase is made. Pictures and dimension specifications can only go so far and do so much.   
The Hanger Bolt Fit Test Kit

  The Hanger Bolt Fit Test Kit provides the "Do-It-Yourselfer" the opportunity to test an actual 5/16", M8 metric hanger bolt, and M10 metric hanger bolt to determine which fits their furniture item. Thus, they can be assured they are ordering the correct size for their installation.   
What is Included

  One 5/16" hanger bolt, one M8 Metric hanger bolt, and one M10 Metric hanger bolt are included in a sealed plastic bag. Each hanger bolt is clearly color coded (explanatory legend is enclosed) so the purchaser will be able to easily determine which is which.

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