Art Finial - Orthodox Cross, Set of 2 - Religious Works of Art, Update Your Lamps!

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The Eastern Orthodox Cross consists of three crossbars and is clearly different from other Christian crosses. It's also known as the Russian cross, Suppedaneum cross, Slavic or Slavonic cross. The top bar represents the inscription over Jesus' head, and the lowest (usually slanted) shorter bar, placed by the foot, represents his footrest (known in Latin as suppedaneum). This cross occurred in a slightly different form (where the bottom crossbeam is pointing upwards) in Byzantium, and it was later changed and adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church and especially popularized in the East Slavic countries.

Show your religious side with this beautiful, brass, cross finial. Our finials are the embodiment of your modern aesthetic. Each handmade finial is as unique as the person who crafted them.

Consisting of a Brass Orthodox Cross with Brass Base
Approximately 3.25" Tall (including base)
Sold in a set of 2, these finials make a great accent to any room
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