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BedClaw Anti-Wobble Bed Rail Shims are designed for use with hook-on bed rails and bed frames. They are ideal for use with wooden beds because they allow you to "snug up" the frame and prevent wobbling, shaking, squeaks, and damage to hook connectors from excess movement. You place these between your bed and the bed rails, placing the hook connector through the slot in the shim, then simply connect your bed back together as you normally would.

By definition, a shim is a thin strip of material used to align parts, make them fit, or reduce wear. Depending on the gap multiple shims can be used together to provide a snug fit which can help reduce any unwanted movement or sounds being made by your bed frame. The sounds are simply two pieces of the frame moving back and forth on each other. Along with stopping the movement and sounds, properly installed shims will help reduce wear and tear since the frame will no longer be scraping against itself.

Each Shim is approximately 5-1/2"L x 7/8"W