We have all been through eCommerce trials and tribulations since the late 1990's and feel we have found a better framework for the marketplace channel by completely re-imagining its foundation.

Enter the platform co-op business plan that is very disruptive to the established channels by optimizing our online economy for merchants, staff, and users.

We Own It

Zoombots™ will be 100% owned, controlled, and governed by its merchants and workers - not venture capital investors. Because we own it, rest assured that this new cooperative platform is designed for the fair promotion of domestic merchants, its workers, users and will never compete, data mine, or copy intellectual property.

Direct Community Support for Merchants

Zoombots™ allows merchants to be directly supported by their community without intermediaries, gatekeepers, or censors.

Collective Construction

Zoombots™ is built collectively by merchants and workers investing their time and energy to create sustainable community support systems.

Open, Fair, Transparent

We have created fair policies and financials are to be accountable to Zoombots™ members.

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